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&estimate specializes in estimations for high-performance designed senior living, mixed-use, and a host of hospitality projects nationwide. Creating balance with the budget & the design is a science that we believe should be done with accuracy and precision. We serve as your last line of defense before the project goes to bid.

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    Here, when we say purposefully built, we mean it. That starts with accurate estimation to prepare you for the scope of the construction project.

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    Accurate Estimates Every Time

    &estimate provides Architects and Owners with a precise understanding of their project’s costs, likely construction schedule, and managing the build itself. Our market-driven approach results within 2-3% of the initial bid.

    Industry Highlights

    • 150 Projects over the last 3 years
    • 40 Billion in Construction Cost Estimates
    • 98% Accuracy within 2-3% of bid price

    &Our Process

    The &estimate team remains in constant contact with you and delivers a construction estimate you can count on. Providing the balance between the Owner’s budget & the design, we serve as your partners from the moment of your idea through when you get the keys.

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